Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre


The Language Centre offers language courses in Latin on two successive levels, the foundation level (Introductory Courses 1, 2 and 3) and the advanced level  (so-called Advanced Latinum courses) for

  • HU students,
  • HU stuff,
  • HU Alumni1

Study material in the Media Library (internal HU access only)

General informations

  • Overview of course levels
  • Credit Points (CP)/ECTS2
    Basic course: 3 CP
    Foundation courses: 5 CP
    Advanced courses: 3 CP

    CP/ECTS are awarded for successful course participation, which means regular attendance and obtaining passing grades for all required assignments and tests.
  • Contact hour
    One contact hour = 45 min.
    Basic course: 30 contact hours
    Foundation courses: 60 contact hours
    Advanced courses: 30 contact hours
  • Semester credit hours (SWS3)
    Basic course: 2 SWS
    Foundation courses: 4 SWS
    Advanced courses: 2 SWS
  • Fees

    HU students:
    Basic and advanced courses:
    20 EUR per course (10 EUR x 2 SWS)
    Foundation courses:
    40 EUR per course (10 EUR x 4 SWS)

    Basic price: 10 EUR per SWS

    HU staff:
    Basic and advanced courses:
    30 EUR per course (15 EUR x 2 SWS)
    Foundation courses:
    60 EUR per course (15 EUR x 4 SWS)

    Basic price: 15 EUR per SWS

    For further details on fees see Regulations.

  • Certificates
    At the end of each course, successful participants receive a certificate indicating the course’s length and level, participant’s grade and the number of credit points awarded.
  • Size of Courses

    Ca. 15-20 students per course

Latin courses

  • Basic Course Classical Languages
    The basic course is intended for students who want to gain an insight into the classical languages ​​of Latin and ancient Greek within one semester.
    Requirement: none
    Listenelement Basic course (Course no.: 91610)
  • Introductory Courses (IC) 1, 2 and 3
    At the foundation level are studied the basics of Latin, including reading of original Latin texts. If students successfully pass the final written exam at the end of the Introductory Courses, they have obtained a qualification attesting proficiency at Caesar level (equivalent to the so-called Intermediate Latinum) and are eligible to attend the Advanced Latinum courses.
    IC 1: none
    IC 2: IC 1 or equivalent
    IC 3: IC 2 or equivalent
    Listenelement Foundation courses
  • Advanced Latinum Courses
    The courses at the consolidation level are dedicated to the intensive study of original literature (Cicero, Seneca, Livius among others) and prepare for the special university exam, which is aligned with the requirements of the Advanced Latinum. After successful completion of the courses, you have the opportunity to take the exam.
    Completion of Latin IC 3 or equivalent
    Listenelement Advanced courses
  • Before attending the courses, the participants should inform themselves about what knowledge of Latin is required in the study regulations of the respective subjects. For newcomers, please consult the course advisor before registering for the course.


1 Alumni: former HU students and staff

2 CP based on the ECTS: European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

3 SWS (ger. Semesterwochenstunde): contact hours per week