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Booking of Intensive Courses in the Semester Break

During the summer semester break (July to September 2023), we will offer additional intensive courses.

(!!!) The course offer is addressed ONLY to Humboldt University students (currently enrolled).

For internal reasons, external students, alumni and guest students** cannot take part in our language courses (or tests). Please prescind from asking. 

** an exception are guest students who are enrolled in a shared study programme with the HU. 


(!!!) Please register ONLY with your HU/Charité email address. This is mandatory in order to be able to contact you.


(!!!) Registration is binding. A refund of paid course fees is generally excluded.  


(!!!) Please register ONLY for the course(s) you will take part in. Transferring to another course is only allowed in justified cases. You are responsible for making the right course choice.  


Please note that there could be small changes in the course offer until the day before registration.


Course Booking

Compact and intensive Courses are listed below.
Online booking will begin on 17th July at 10 am.



!!! Registration Tips !!!