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University's internal Latinum Exam

Twice a year, the Language Centre organizes the special university exam, which is aligned with the requirements of the Advanced Latinum, were a corresponding certificate (university internal Latinum) can be acquired.


General information

Forum Romanum
  • Admission to the exam

    In order to be admitted students must have successfully completed the preparation courses offered by the Language Centre (comprising a total of four weekly contact hours).

  • Credit points (CP)/ECTS
    For passing the Advanced Latinum exam are awarded 2 CPs.
  • Registration
    When registering for the exam students must bring:
    1. the completed registration form (PDF), available also in the secretary’s office.
    2. the certificates of performance from the Language Centre’s preparation courses.
  • Registration and exam periods
    Registration for the Advanced Latinum exam must be completed within the last four weeks of the tuition period in the secretary’s office.
    The (written and oral) exams take place within the first weeks after the tuition period.
  • Fees

    HU students: free of charge

    HU stuff and HU alumni: 50 EUR

    For further details on fees see Regulations.

University Latinum exam information