Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre

Information for Programme Students

The in-sessional language courses for exchange and programme students are offered at three levels:

  • intermediate B1,
  • upper-intermediate B2,
  • advanced C1.

In addition, there are special courses for students of German literature and linguistics.

A diagnostic placement test must be taken before each course to establish the level that best reflects the student's linguistic abilities. The tests are renewed on a regular basis and are compiled randomly. This diagnostic test can be taken at any time, especially while still in your home country before applying for an exchange programme in Germany. You can thus already decide in your home country whether your German is sufficient to begin studying in Germany, or whether you still need to learn more German.

To take the diagnostic test in your home country you will need to provide some personal details: first name, surname, date of birth and your e-mail address. When you register for a course and do not yet have a registration number, please write your date of birth (DDMMYY) without dots instead of the registration number).

You have 30 minutes to complete the test. (Information on the test)

A score of less than 40 points means that you will have difficulty in fulfilling the linguistic requirements for studying in Germany and achieving the 30 ECTS points required. That is why we offer pre-sessional courses for students scoring less than 40 points (ger. Grundstufe A1 and A2).