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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre


The Language Centre offers interdisciplinary and specialist English courses at three UNIcert® levels II (B2), III (C1) und IV (C2) for

  • HU students
  • HU stuff and HU Alumni1
  • external students from other universities and colleges.

These will help you to prepare for a period of study or a placement abroad. In addition to reading and listening (including study skills) you will practise the relevant academic vocabulary, work on drawing up, presenting and discussing talks, and develop your writing skills. Cultural traditions (including those within a specific field of study) as well as aspects of geography, history and civilisation of the country are also part of the course.

General informations

  • Course levels for modern languages
  • Description of UNIcert® levels
  • Credit Points (CP)/ECTS2
    UNIcert® II, III and IV: 5/3 CP

    CP/ECTS are awarded for successful course participation, which means regular attendance and obtaining passing grades for all required assignments and tests.
  • Contact hour
    One contact hour = 45 min.
    UNIcert® II, III and IV: 60/30 contact hours
  • Semester credit hours (SWS3)
    UNIcert® II, III and IV: 4/2 SWS
  • Fees

    HU students:
    UNIcert® II, III and IV:
    40/20 EUR per course (10 EUR x 4/2 SWS)

    Basic price: 10 EUR per SWS

    HU staff, HU Alumni and externals:
    UNIcert® II, III and IV:
    60/30 EUR per course (15 EUR x 4/2 SWS)

    Basic price: 15 EUR per SWS

    For further details on fees see Regulations.

  • Certificates

    To obtain a UNIcert® certificate, you need to submit course certificates demonstrating that you have accumulated at least 8 SWS at the relevant level.

    The UNIcert® II certificate is issued on the basis of accumulated credits, with course certificates showing that grammar/vocabulary as well as each of the four areas of reading, listening, writing and speaking have been tested at least once.

    To obtain a UNIcert® III and IV certificate you need to take a separate exam. These exams are offered twice a year in the week immediately following the last week of term.

  • Size of Courses

    Ca. 15-20 students per course

English courses

  • UNIcert® II (B2)
    UNIcert® II starts at the level attained at the completion of pre-university education (ger. Abitur).
    Requirement: 50 points in the placement test
    UNIcert® II courses
  • UNIcert® III (C1)
    UNIcert® III starts at extension course level.
    Requirement: 65 points in the placement test
    UNIcert® III courses
  • UNIcert® IV (C2)
    UNIcert® IV is only open to students with near-native command of the English language and academic or professional experience in an English-speaking country.
    Requirement: 80 points in the placement test
    UNIcert® IV courses
  • Courses for graduate students and researchers
  • English Law
  • Special courses
  • Intensive courses
    Outside term-time we offer intensive courses that bridge the level just below UNIcert® II (B1/B2).
    Requirement: 35 points in the placement test
    Intensive courses
  • Academic Writing

    These courses are oriented towards everyone, who wants to familiarize themselves with the conventions of academic writing:
    Bachelor's students who are writing term papers or for research projects
    Graduate students (Master’s or PhD) who are writing academic articles or theses.

    We offer semester-long courses on writing a research paper (for a dissertation or for publication) and on developing your critical writing skills (for example, for writing reviews). We can also offer numerous workshops on such topics as: Writing the Introduction to Research Papers in the Natural Sciences, Publishing your Research Article: The Publishing Process, What is considered Good Academic Writing in your Field?, Developing your Elevator Pitch, and Writing a Research Proposal.

    Most importantly, for those who need individual support on any aspect of their writing, we offer a tutoring service. You may also search our Online Writing Lab (set up as a MOOC) for help from the Internet. Furthermore we assist those graduates who would like to set up a Writers’ Group (PDF) with advice, with a space (a room), and with our own active participation.

    If you are a group needing assistance with your writing we can also offer you a tailor-made course or workshop.

    Level B2
     Level C1
     Level C2
     Courses for Master’s and PhD students
    Individual Tutoring
    Online Writing Lab (OWL)


1 Alumni: former HU students and staff

2 CP based on the ECTS: European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

3 SWS (ger. Semesterwochenstunde): contact hours per week