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UNIcert® III and IV Exam

The Language Centre is accredited for UNIcert®-based foreign language certification courses and examinations in Arabic, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. At the UNIcert® Basis, I and II levels you earn the certificate when you complete the courses.

To obtain a certificate for UNIcert® III and IV in English and UNIcert® III in French, Italian, Russian and Spanish an additional exam must be taken.


General information

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  • Credit points (CP)/ECTS

    The UNIcert® exams are not part of the courses. They take place after the lecture period. You are awarded 2 CP for sitting the exam.

  • Dates
    UNIcert® exams always take place after the lecture periods. They consist of a written and an oral exam. For the exam dates in French, Italian and Spanish, contact your teacher or the responsible secretary’s office.
  • Dates for UNIcert® examinations in English
  • Dates for UNIcert® examinations in Russian
  • Certificate
    The certificate is issued the day after the successful completion of the oral exam.

Exam information

Registration Tips

  • Requirements

    To be eligible to sit the exams you are required to have completed eight hours (SWS) worth of courses (at the respective level) at this Language Centre.

    If your current course is part of the required eight hours, please ask your teacher to confirm your successful participation by signing the application form.

  • Registration
    When registering for the exam students must bring:
    1. the completed registration form, available also in the secretary’s office.
    2. the certificates of performance from the Language Centre’s preparation courses.
  • Registration form (PDF)


  • UNIcert® exam

    HU students: free of charge
    HU staff and HU alumni: 50 EUR

  • Certificate

    free of charge

  • Copies of Certificates

    5 EUR each

  • Cancellation of registration

    If you cancel your registration, we keep a charge of 20 EUR. The fee may, however, be transferred onto the following semester’s exams.

  • Payment

    HU staff, HU alumni pay the examination fee simultaneously with the registration at the secretary's office. Only cash is accepted.

  • For further details on fees see Regulations.

Withdrawal and Re-sit examination

  • Withdrawal

    If you wish to withdraw from the exam, please notify us by email, at the latest one day before the exam. A withdrawal on the exam day is only possible on account of illness (confirmed by a doctor’s note) or force majeure. Otherwise you will have failed the exam.

  • Re-sit examination

    You may re-sit up to two failed parts of the written exam four weeks later at the earliest. Re-sitting an exam to improve your grades is only possible if you complete further eight hours of courses.