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1st EULETA Workshop 2009: Abstracts and Presenter Biographies

  • Session 1: Connie Hacke, Christa Köbsch & Lutz Helge
    • Title: Testing Legal English at Unicert II and III
    • Abstract: Offering Legal English at both UNIcert® II and UNIcert® III level has required a differentiation of expected learning outcomes. We started with developing parameters for the degree of difficulty at the two levels with regard to all four language skills, then allocated text and task types to each of them and, finally, devised exams tasks at leach level according to the general UNIcert® regulations. In our presentation we will present and discuss some of the tests and exams that we have set for each of the language skills demonstrating the differences between the two levels.
    • Presenter biography
      Cornelia Hacke, Lecturer in Legal English and English Law, Humboldt University,
      Berlin; Lutz Helge, Lecturer in Legal English and English Law, Humboldt University,
      Berlin; Christa Köbsch, Lecturer in Legal English (American legal system), Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Session 2: Andrew Frost
    • Title: English for Legal Professionals
    • Abstract: The aim of the presentation is to introduce the Cornelsen Short Course Series title “English for Legal Professionals” and consider some of the criteria ELP material must meet. In general, highly complex areas of law must be shaped into scenarios which are accessible to the reader, for pedagogical reasons simplified without being simplistic and provide opportunities for performing realistic legal tasks in English. The talk will look in greater depth at the unit dealing with mergers and acquisitions.
    • Presenter biography: Andrew Frost worked as a teacher of EFL for the British Council in Berlin for a number of years before becoming a freelance teacher and translator in 2005. He has taught legal English to lawyers in a number of law firms. The material in the book is an attempt to respond to their ESP training needs.
  • Session 3: Mariusz Beclawski
    • Title: Teaching and testing prepositions in Legal English
    • Abstract: This paper aims to describe certain theoretical and practical applications in the process of teaching and testing prepositions in Legal English. Firstly, some thought is given to the general use of prepositions in English with their technical background information. Secondly, the application of prepositions in Legal English is discussed with regard to the syntax of legalese, e.g. an abundance of nominalization. Finally, some practical exercises for teaching and testing prepositions in Legal English are presented to support the theory.
    • Presenter biography: Mariusz Beclawski, a Warsaw University M.A. graduate in English Studies; a college lecturer in linguistics and syntax; a Warsaw University PhD guest student at the Department of the History of English; prepares for the TOLES Advanced and ILEC examinations at an LLB course; an aspiring legalese specialist and paralegal.
  • Session 4: James Arnold
    • Title: Tests of Reading in English for Legal Purposes – Gauging the Accessibility of Texts
    • Abstract: The writer of a test in English for Legal Purposes has to locate reading texts which are at an appropriate level of difficulty, and which do not place certain candidates at a disadvantage. This talk will discuss issues relating to the selection of suitable texts. Reference will be made to a number of short texts taken from a variety of legal sources.
    • Presenter biography: James Arnold has a law degree, but has spent most of his working life in the field of English language teaching and testing. He is currently a tutor at the University of Surrey. He has for a number of years been an item writer for the Cambridge ILEC examination.
  • Session 5: Mary Redmond
    • Title: Case heard: the place of listening comprehension in the EFL classroom
    • Abstract: Listening comprehension has long been recognized as one of the four basic skills in second language acquisition; however, it has yet to receive the attention it deserves from ESL theorists and practitioners. Based on teaching experience in the ELP classroom, this paper adduces fresh support for the view that listening is not a passive activity. The strategies deployed in listening exercises are analyzed and the learning benefits which accrue from training aural skills are evaluated. A final section is devoted to assessment of student performance with reference to certificate examination requirements.
    • Presenter biography: Mary Redmond studied linguistics at University College Dublin, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and Freie Universität Berlin. She teaches at the Department of Applied Linguistics at Dublin City University, the Department of Languages and Translation at the University of Leipzig and the Language Centre at the University of Bayreuth.
  • Session 6: Matt Firth
    • Title: Short activities for International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) classes
    • Abstract: During this practical workshop participants will try out a series of tried-and-tested warmers, energisers, fillers and other short activities for legal English courses. The activities modeled require minimum preparation and provide excellent opportunities for both skills development and awareress raising as to how the ILEC exam tests the four skills. While these activities were designed with the needs of ILEC students in mind, they are also suitable for non-ILEC classes.
    • Presenter biography: Matt Firth is secretary of EULETA and teaches Legal English at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and the Hochschule Vaduz, Liechtenstein. He is Production Manager with TransLegal, with whom he developed the PLEAD Legal English blended learning course. Matt is the ILEC Regional Manager for Austria and Germany, and organises regular workshops on teaching Legal English. His recent publications include Introduction to International Legal English (with Amy Krois-Lindner), the International Legal English online research tasks (with John Kokko) and a regular Legal English column for Business Spotlight.