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FAQ – Study Preparatory German Intensive Course (DaF)

How does the registration works?

You can directly register online on our website. Just choose the course period you are interested in and click on „Online registration“ on each course page. A successful online registration does not bestow you with the student status nor does it grant you with the possibility to enroll at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin!

How is the Study Preparatory German Intensive Courses (DaF) structured?

The German courses consist of compulsory German classes in the mornings in March and German classes mornings or afternoons in September. Only with a minimum participation of 80% in the German lessons you can receive a certificate.

How do I know if the German course meets my current language level?

On the course pages we offer an online placement test to determine your current level before you register. Additionally, a compulsory placement test takes place on the first day of the course. Based on the results of this test, each participant will be assigned a German course.

Can I transfer the credits of the German course to my home university?

The eligibility of the ECTS credits acquired during the German course is determined by your home university standards. Consult your home university regarding credit transferability previous to the registration.

Is a subsequent change of a course possible at all?

On the basis of your test result on the first day you will be assigned a German course. The result of this placement test is binding, even if it is different from the language level selected during the registration. In the rare case, that the language level does not fit, the course can be changed within three days only in individual cases and only in consultation with the instructor.

How do I apply for a visa and what are the fees?

If you need a visa, we will issue you a visa invitation. An invitation can be requested during the registration online. It can be sent to you by email free of charge. If you need the original by courier, you will have to pay the courier costs (30 EUR within/60 EUR outside of Europe) yourself.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fees include i.a. the teaching material/books, entrance fees for excursions and guided tours during academic lessons, the certificate. More information can be found on the course page.

How can I pay for the course?

The payment of course fees can only be made by bank transfer and in EUR. An installment is not possible. All bank information can be found under payment information on the course page.

When does the payment deadline expire and what are the cancellation conditions?

The payment of the course fees must be received within three weeks after the registration online on our account. Otherwise we have to cancel your registration. For further information check fees and expenses on the course page.

How can I prepare for the German course?

Get acquainted with German culture and language in advance. Refresh your language skills through self-study (online language training, German television, German podcasts)! However, comprehensive preparation for the German course is not absolutely necessary.

What should I pay attention to when visiting Berlin?

Berlin is a very safe city. Nevertheless, one should know the places with a high crime rate: Alexanderplatz, the small zoo, the stations: Nollendorfplatz, Görlitzer Park, Warsaw Bridge, Kottbusser Tor and Hermannplatz. In general, one should pay attention to the following: no visit of parks and squares alone at night, no use of drugs and alcohol, drinks in clubs or bars should not be left unattended, do not enter cars of strangers. Pay attention to your valuables in public! Please also note the information of the Berlin police.