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FAQ – Media Library

May I borrow materials from the Media Library?

In general, materials are for in-house use only. However, it is possible to borrow books and CDs for one day or a weekend. Short-term borrowing is only available for registered Humboldt students. The procedure requires registering at the Media Library front desk with your student ID, personal ID and proof of the address where you live. Films, newspapers and periodicals and other materials may not be borrowed.

Do I need to bring anything with me for viewing films at the Media Library?

No, the Media Library is equipped with PCs and headphones for viewing films on site. You may bring your own headphones if desired.

Where can I make copies?

Copy machines are located in the Library for Foreign Languages/Literatures (which the Media Library is housed within). Please bring an ID card to be used as a deposit for the material to be copied. For library copy machines, you need to have a Humboldt copy card (Campus Card or Mensa Card).

Are conversations allowed in the Media Library, such as with a tandem partner?

Yes, conversations are allowed at the Media Library at reasonable volumes. Please understand, however, that others require a peaceful learning atmosphere, and regulate your volume accordingly.

Are examples of language exams available?

Three kinds of language exam examples are available at the Media Library: German Language Examination for University Entrance (DSH), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for English, and UNIcert III for English.

How does the Media Library’s cataloguing sytem work?
Sort of media Language Category First letters of title
00 Books DEU SPF Films See example below1
01 CDs ENG DOK Documentaries  
02 Films SPA GRA Grammar
03 Newspapers FRA ALB General textbooks
04 CD-ROMs ITA PHO Phonetics
05 Compact Courses2 RUS SAB Language exams
  etc. ... etc. ...


1 Example: 02 DEU SPF goo – German film „Good bye, Lenin!“

2 Self-study materials combining textbook, CDs and/or CD-ROMs