Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre

Proof of language proficiency

Students who need proof of their language proficiency for applying for a placement abroad, a grant or a degree course can obtain a report on their proficiency.


General information

Test situation

  • Registration

    Course participants may contact their current or previous teacher for this report.

    All other students may register for a test:
    Listenelement Arabic with Awatif Hasoon
    Listenelement German as a Foreign Language with Dr. Petra Bielagk
    Listenelement English, French, Italienian, Spanish in the secretary’s office
    Listenelement Russian with Dr. Tatjana Lischitzki
    Listenelement Turkish with Zehra Entschew

  • Dates

    The proficiency tests are carried out centrally. For dates see the responsible Secretary's offices.

  • Fees

    HU students and participants in current courses: 20 EUR
    Externals: 50 EUR

    For further details on fees see Regulations.

  • Proficiency report
    The report will be issued immediately after the test.

Notes on the Proficiency Test

  • Preparation for the test
    Being of a diagnostic character, there is no special preparation for the test. We strongly recommend, however, that you study the sample tests and prepare by practising your written and oral skills, especially if you haven’t used the language lately.
  • Test procedure for English
    1. Listening comprehension
    Listenelement Authentic academic text (3-5 minutes long) presented once
    Listenelement Questions to be answered in writing (10 minutes)
    2. Writing - choice of topics (20 minutes)
    3. Reading comprehension
    Listenelement Questions to be answered in writing (20 minutes)
    Listenelement Authentic academic text of ca. 600 words
    4. Speaking
    Listenelement Discussion of questions pertaining to course of studies (5 minutes)
  • Examples of English test
    The Media Library has examples of previous reading and listening comprehension tests (with answer keys).