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General Information on English Courses

Courses and content

The Language Centre offers interdisciplinary and specialist English courses at three UNIcert® levels. These will help you to prepare for a period of study or a placement abroad. In addition to reading and listening (including study skills) you will practise the relevant academic vocabulary, work on drawing up, presenting and discussing talks, and develop your writing skills. Cultural traditions (including those within a specific field of study) as well as aspects of geography, history and civilisation of the country are also part of the course.

Prerequisites for participation

UNIcert® II starts at the level attained at the completion of pre-university education (Abitur); UNIcert® III starts at extension course level. UNIcert® IV is only open to students with near-native command of the English language and academic or professional experience in an English-speaking country.

Before registering you need to complete the online placement test. The minimum requirements for participation are 50 for UNIcert® I, 65 for UNIcert® II and 80 for UNIcert® III.

Outside term-time we offer intensive courses that bridge the level just below UNIcert® II. To cover the cost of these courses, they are charged at a slightly higher price. To take part in these courses you need to have obtained a minimum of 35 points in the placement test.

Test for practising
Placement test


To obtain a UNIcert® certificate, you need to submit course certificates demonstrating that you have accumulated at least 8 credits at the relevant level.

The UNIcert® II certificate is issued on the basis of accumulated credits, with course certificates showing that grammar/vocabulary as well as each of the four areas of reading, listening, writing and speaking have been tested at least once.

To obtain UNIcert® III and IV you need to take a separate exam. These exams are offered twice a year in the week immediately following the last week of term. Exams are offered in English for General Academic Purposes.

You may request to take an exam in a specialist field if you can submit evidence that at least 75 % of the courses you have completed were in the relevant specialism. These specialist exams can only be taken in July.

Examination Regulations (PDF)
Dates for examinations

Language proficiency reports

Language proficiency reports for the purpose of a period of study or placement abroad are issued on the basis of a test. If you are currently participating in a course, please contact your course leader, otherwise please contact the secretariat.

Language tests