Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre


The Language Centre is a central service centre of the Humboldt-Universität that boasts over 65 years of expertise in the area of foreign language teaching and learning. We offer high-quality academic foreign language courses, including subject-specific courses, at various levels. Our courses are open to students of all disciplines as well as staff and alumni, and range from the classic canon of modern western and eastern European languages, including Latin, Arabic, Chinese and German sign language. In addition, we you can take exam preparation courses and accredited, external language examinations at the Language Centre.

Our aim is to enable you to develop sufficient knowledge of your chosen language and culture to express yourself confidently and appropriately in everyday, study-related or professional situations. To achieve this, we deploy communicative, participant-oriented didactic concepts, make use of new media, offer country-specific information, and provide you with strategies for independent learning to support your learning process.

You can make use of our excellently equipped Media Library to increase your language competence individually. In addition, we are happy to advise you with any questions you may have regarding language learning. We mediate in and organise guided language trips, in particular to Russia. You can take language tests with us and you can opt for periods of study at selected universities abroad, for which we have places available in the context of various Erasmus schemes.

Today more than ever it is essential for internationally oriented academics to be able to speak several foreign languages. We support you in developing your language competences and at the same time help you prepare for any periods of study abroad. You should therefore plan your foreign language course timely to run parallel to the courses in your subject area.
Good luck with learning foreign languages!
On behalf of all the language teams,
Dr. Elke Rößler