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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre

Booking of summer semester 2019 courses

  • 8 April to 13 July 2019

Semester-length courses are two or four contact hours (SWS1).
The courses below are primarily for Humboldt students.

Notes on registration

  • For Humboldt University students

    Self-booking online!
    1. Do the online entrance test to ascertain your language level.

    2. Book online. We advise you to enter your email address in the booking form so that you can receive a booking confirmation.

  • For Humboldt University staff and alumni2 and others3

    No online booking!
    1. Do the online entrance test for ascertaining your language level.

    2. Go to the first class and ask the teacher whether a place is available. If so, see the secretary for booking.

  • Entrance test

    Before booking, please do the test following this link:

    Entrance test

  • Language levels

    The courses and the entrance test are based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our specifications may differ from those of other countries.

  • For further details, see Enrolment and Participation Regulations.


  • Course fee

    HU students:
    20 Euros for a 2-hour course or 40 Euros for a 4-hour course

    Other participants:
    30 Euros for a 2-hour course or 60 Euros for a 4-hour course

  • Special prices for special courses

    Some courses will carry a special price, see course details on booking site.

  • Initial course certificates

    free of charge

  • Duplicates of certificates

    5 Euros each

  • For further details, see Fee Regulations.

Payment information

  • Payment deadlines

    Within five days after booking, the full course fee must be paid. If the payment is not credited to our account within this period, your booking will be automatically cancelled and you will have to book again, if a place is still available.

    Note that it is likely to take time for the transfer process, so please make the payment as soon as possible.

  • For Humboldt University students

    If you enter your email address in the booking form, you will receive a confirmation email including our banking details.

  • Other participants

    Enrolment and payment will be handled at the secretary's office. Only cash is accepted.

Online booking

Courses for Summer semester 2019 are listed below.
Online booking will begin on 3 April.
However online booking for German courses begin on 11 April.
Classes start running from 8 April, German courses from 15 April.












German as a Foreign Language


German Sign Language

















1 SWS = Semesterwochenstunde: contact hours per week

2 Alumni: Humboldt graduates

3 Anyone not studying at Humboldt

4 CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages