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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre

Information for new students

What languages are taught at the Language Centre?

You can find all the languages offered either during the semester or in the semester break in the current course directory


How do I enrol?

Humboldt students can enrol online via the course directory. Enrolment starts at a day/time specified in the bottom corner of the course details; it is different for each language. Enrolment is possible when you see the green “Kurs buchen” button there. Please note that many courses require a valid result in the online entrance test


How many ECTS points can I obtain by completing a course successfully?

Please check the bottom line of the individual course details (in the course directory) for the number of points conferred.


How much does a language course cost?

Students matriculated at Humboldt-Universität pay 20€ for a two-hour or 40€ for a four-hour course for the whole semester. For further information see Course Fee Regulations.


What qualifications can I obtain at the Language Centre?

Apart from the individual course certification in a Leistungsnachweis (certificate of performance) you can obtain the university-specific qualification Latinum and, in all other languages except Chinese, a UNIcert® Certificate by cumulating Leistungsnachweise (levels Basis, I and II) or by separate exam (levels III and IV). International students can sit the German DSH exam.