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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Language Centre

HU GLA Summer Program

Summer Module II (July 23rd to August 17th, 2018)

A 2-week participation is possible, on request only!

German Intensive course:

German class


A1.2 (A1.1 graduates with

at least 50 credit hours. 

No absolute beginners!)

A2, C1





German Intensive course:

Academic lessons


A1.2: Summer in Berlin

A2: Summer in Berlin

C1: Summer in Berlin

Interactive German classes 

about Berlin and its culture.

B1: Aha! Berlin - Perspectives

B1-B2: German Culture and Area Studies

B2: Zoom on Berlin

B2-C1: Germany in Moving Pictures

C1-C2: Nanu, die Deutschen

(with a focus on literature)

Credit hours (CH)

a total of 100 CH

(1 CH  = 45 minutes)


100 CH German classes

a total of 100 CH

(1 CH = 45 minutes)


80 CH German classes

20 CH Academic classes


► Online registration


contact: germanacademy.spz@hu-berlin.de

Course structure



Course structure (PDF)

Please note, that the results of the placement test on the first day will determine, which language level your German course will finally have. The result of this test is binding, even if it is different from the language level selected during the registration.

Grade and 7 credit points (ECTS) on regular class attendance (80%)

Certificate states your grade, the total number of credit hours, ECTS credits, ECTS grading scale with international grades

Course fee

Payment information

850,00 EUR

Fees and expenses (PDF)

Payment information

Apartment fee



400,00 EUR

Please note that the booking of an apartment is generally binding. In case of cancellation, charges may apply. For further information please check the Accommodation link below.

Accommodation (PDF)

Please note our Check-in and Check-out times, which are given to us by our external apartment providers. Outside the given times an arrival at or a departure from the apartment is not possible!

Arrival/Departure (PDF)

Further information

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