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German Intensive Courses (DaF) – HU German Language Academy

Learn German – Experience Culture – Discover Berlin
Chart: Tilmann Benninghaus

These German Intensive courses (DaF) are offered for international students/alumni:

  • HU partner universities,
  • DAAD scholarship holders,
  • international students,
  • foreign instructors (DaF).

The courses cover the language level A2-C2 and are structured as follows:

  • Comprehensive German classes (grammar, conversation, writing, reading and listening comprehension) in the mornings and
  • Academic lessons about the culture and history of Berlin and Germany in the afternoon.

Our summer or winter modules can be combined into an 8 or 6 week German Intensive course.


Update HU GLA Winter 2021: The registration for the Winter Program 2021 (Online) is closed.

Update HU GLA Summer 2021: Currently, our HU GLA Summer program 2021 will be offered as an online format. Nevertheless, due to the unpredictable corona situation it might be possible that we could switch to a presence format on site on short notice. Please note, that we will not offer any accommodation in this case! We will notify you immediately, if any change will be possible.


The online registration for our Summer Program 2021 (Online) is open!

For our HU GLA Program 2021: All applicants from China are supposed to register through Dexin International EdTech Co., Ltd.: service@dexin-world.com!



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