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Teacher education in United Kingdom and Germany

Teacher education in United Kingdom

The training of primary and secondary school teachers is the same: teachers must hold a first degree and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education awarded by a university or college of higher education. Alternatively, they must hold a Bachelor of Education (BEd) Degree and have a qualified teacher status (QTS) which can be obtained after successful completion of an approved course of initial teacher training (ITT). The main types of ITT courses are the one-year Postgraduate Certificate of Education course or the BEd course which normally lasts for four years. For more detailed information about ITT go to www.gttr.ac.uk

An important institute offering teacher training is the Institute of Education at the University of London. It provides amongst other things Postgraduate Certificates of Education in a wide range of areas:

A lot of interesting information about the British education system and teacher training provides the following page: www.euroeducation.net

Teacher education in Germany

Teachers in Germany receive their training in two stages: a first phase at a university and a second phase as a two year practical training at teacher seminars and selected training schools. The structure of teacher training and the contents varies in some aspects in the different Länder which are responsible for teacher education. The following structure is the one for Berlin:

First stage:

The duration of the first phase at a university ranges from 3-4 years for primary school teaching to 5-6 years for higher secondary school teaching. The courses include the study of at least two subjects or subject areas, the study of educational theory and psychology, sociology or philosophy. During their studies the students have to complete three months of practical work at schools. The first stage ends with the First State Examination that includes a final tesis as well as written and oral examinations of the studied subjects, educational theory and didactics.

Second Stage:

The second phase of teacher education is a two year practical training at teacher seminars and schools. It is called Referendariat and ends with the Second State Examination. During this phase the prospective teacher is paid a trainee’s salary. Main source: www.pa-feldkirch.ac.at

Reform of teacher education in Germany:

At the moment teacher education in Germany is being reformed according to the Bologna-Declaration of 1999 that aspires to establish a European Higher Education Area by 2010. For further details on the Bologna-Declaration see ec.europa.eu and www.bologna-berlin2003.de

There are several German universities which introduced the Bachelor and Master system in teacher education in October 2004, the Humboldt-University amongst them. For further details of the new system at Humboldt-University see www.hu-berlin.de

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